7 Tips To Help You Putt Well On Bumpy Greens

No one likes to put on uneven greens but here are a couple of tips that should help.

1)    Focus on a solid impact  -  well struck putts are much more likely to hold their line.

2)    Play the ball slightly forward in the stance  -  this will help you strike the ball on the way up, meaning no skidding and a better roll.

3)    Use a heavier putter  -  if the greens are bumpy, the chances are they will be slow. If you’ve only got one putter apply some lead tape to the head.

4)    Play for less break  -  harder hit putts will break less.

5)    Get your Professional to add more loft to your putter  -  this will help launch the ball slightly, again stopping it skidding along the ground.

6)    Most importantly stay positive, and keep a good stroke on it,  Some putts will bobble and miss but don’t forget, some will bobble and go in!!!

7)    If it really gets to you, then pack up and wait for summer.